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Baked Goods

Franks offers an assorted selection of delicious baked goods!


Fresh Baked Pies

(Ready to eat, never frozen!)

$15 each @ Greenbank (Fresh Fruit Pies)

$15 each @ Meadowlands (Frozen Fruit Pies)



Apple Crumble

Buttermilk (plain)

Buttermilk Blueberry

Buttermilk Raspberry

Peach Raspberry



Strawberry Rhubarb 

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Sour Cherry

Wild Blueberry

Tarts  - $2.25 each/$13 Half Dozen /$25 Dozen


Squares - $2.50 each/$15 Half Dozen/$28 Dozen



Date Squares

Lemon Shortbread Squares


Buttermilk Scones - $2.50 each/$15 Half Dozen/$28 Dozen

Iced Lemon Cranberry, Iced Lemon Blueberry, Cheddar and Raisin

Croissants - $2.50 each/$15 Half Dozen/$28 Dozen

Chocolate Croissants and Butter Croissants


Cookies - 75 cents each or $4.50 per 1/2 dozen, $8 per dozen


Butterscotch Skor

Chocolate Chip


Peanut Butter

Cannoli - $3 each/$18 Half Dozen/$36 Dozen


Chocolate Chip



Pork Sausage Rolls - $3.25 each


Jams and Jellies - $6.95 each


Pepper Jelly in mild, hot and hotter

Peach Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Sour Cherry Jam

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Wild Blueberry Jam

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