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Frank's tarts are so special we had to give them their own webpage!

For a little slice of heaven try one of these handmade tarts @ $2.50 each, $15.00 half-dozen or $28 for a dozen.

Each tart is lovingly prepared by hand in a variety of flavors:

Luca's Special Tart - Plain - Pecan - Raisin - Maple Walnut - Chocolate Chip - Butterscotch Chip - Lemon

Frank's tarts started out like any other ordinary tart until one day he forgot the recipe at home and tried to make them from memory. When Frank found the original recipe, he realized he'd gotten the recipe completely wrong, but the tarts turned out better than ever before. Since then Frank has experimented his tarts into perfection.

Frank's tarts have a buttery pastry and a smooth creamy filling that is gooey without being too ooey. Whoever said size doesn't matter hasn't tried one of these HUGE tarts weighing in at an average of 120 grams.

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 8.25.32 PM.png
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